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JoAnn was outstanding in marketing and selling our very special 150 year old farmhouse with many unique challenges. She got us a perfect buyer at a price that was above our expectations, and was always ahead of the game regarding a few issues that came up during the sale. She earned our trust and confidence with her hard work, and our highest recommendation.


JoAnn was outstanding in marketing and selling

Why I Love What I Do...Recently I sold a property for an Estate Sale. After months of working on the many many obstacles, we finally closed full price! My Buyer is happy. My Seller (whom lives out of state) is happy. And me?..I'm beside myself with gratitude.It would be impossible to completely explain what went into this sale. It can only be described as a journey.Thank You to my sweet Seller for this heartwarming review.

JoAnn Heller stands alone in her field. Over the course of almost a year and more then 1000 miles of distance, she went above and beyond for myself and family. After the unexpected and sudden death of my father we inherited a less than “market-ready” property to sell. She worked with us and for us during an emotionally difficult time thru numerous obstacles. Adding to the stress was attempting to handle it all from afar. She was patient and understanding, treating us more like family with genuine concern, constant communication, and a proactive, problem-solving attitude. The successful sale and final closing of our Michigan property was due to her reliability and effort that went well beyond what would be required from an agent. Not only does Joann Heller give her profession and company exceptional representation- but she’s a great example of a caring, great-spirited and motivated lady. We would recommend her for any future business venture and more so a woman you’d be lucky to encounter in general. Huge gratitude and thanks to Joann for all her dedication, late hours, phone calls, success and most of all love and kindness she exuded with all our interactions on this journey!!! She’s simply the best!
The estate of Paul Eaton-
from Arkansas, Illinois and Florida,
Cheri Gardner and family
Thank you Joann!!

JoAnn Heller stands alone in her field.Constant communication, and a proactive, problem-solving attitude